2023 Annual Team Building

Treasure Hunt @ Double Tree Resort by Hilton, Penang

Get ready for another round of adventure and memories in our "24th NCS Global Technology Teambuilding Event". Taking place in Double Tree Resort by Hilton, this spectacular venue would be the epicenter of our team-building magic. As we all gather to celebrate yet another wonderful and productive year of hard work, Double Tree Resort is poised to be the canvas of our exhilarating adventures and unforgettable memories.

2022 Annual Team Building

Escape Park Challenge @ Escape Park, Penang

Embark on a journey like no other in our "2022 Team Building in ESCAPE PARK" as the playground of the day. 

2019 Annual Team Building

Back to School @ Gurney G Hotel

This year's team building event brings us back into the memory lane as we reminisced the good old days in our much-anticipated "Back to School Luncheon 2019" at Gurney G Hotel. 

2018 Annual Team Building

Paintball Tournament @ OFV Batu Uban

There are lots of things in life that are rewarding, but if they happen to be fun while being rewarding, then they become a must-do activity.

2016 Annual Team Building

Exploring @ Tech Dome Penang

Team building is the process of forming, growing and improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individual with different needs, background and abilities into an integrated, high-performance team.

2015 Annual Teambuilding

Straight to the KEY @ Straight Quay Penang

Treasure Hunt is always fun and exciting! Challenging quizzes, codes to crack, treasure awaiting to be discovered and take home.

2014 Annual Dinner

Oscar Night @ Hotel Equatorial Penang

A company anniversary is a very special event.

2013 Sports Day at SJK(C) Shang Wu

Here comes the time of the year again for us in NCS to reward our valuable employees with annual team building.

2012 Annual Team Building

Treasure Hunt @ Lost World

Once again the NCS team gathered for the annual team building event. This year we have a major Treasure Hunt organized by volunteer committee from NCS Outsourcing Department.