Information Technology


NCS is a powerhouse in information technology (IT) outsourcing. Our main focus is to help organizations rethink their business processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and compete internationally. Because talented IT personnel are quickly identified and employed, companies must expend significant cost and effort to fill vacancies for critical projects, some of which arise on short notice in response to changing market conditions.

NCS has long been a major Malaysia outsourcing company supplying global corporations with trained IT personnel. We identify, recruit, and assemble our own teams of IT experts, who meet the latest technological standards and market demands, and deploy these experts to support your IT needs on-site or off-site.

Software Development

  • With software development, we help develop interfaces and frameworks for cross department information management systems, for example ePR or eLeave Systems. NCS IT professionals can help simplify and automate your business processes and work flow applications.
  • An added perk: upon completion of the project and confirmation of client satisfaction, we transfer the source codes and copyrights of these custom written programs to you, the client.
  • Both software development and office automation systems allow for: dramatic reductions in manual work, task times, and human errors; the controlled access of information immediately available to parties; and more accurate reports.


Software Quality Assurance

  • We test software for functionality, bugs, process flow, and user interface feedback to ensure your end users experience no show stoppers.
  • Our teams provide quality assurance support for clients’ pre and post development stages ensuring conformance to standards such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).



  • For single departments, NCS provides custom automation tools for repetitive manual tasks, calculations, and data consolidation.
  • Our automation tools have resulted in enormous time savings for clients: task times have been cut by as much as 4,400%


Server and Networking

  • We coordinate the space, power, cooling, and operational support for MNC computer systems, servers, and backup and restore systems to avert downtimes that can negatively impact business.
  • NCS provides a number of standardized and custom solutions based on Microsoft and Linux systems. We have specialized knowledge for Microsoft SQL Server, which is highly scalable and can accommodate up to 10,000 concurrent users or devices, for data storage and analysis reporting.
  • Collaboration software and web applications we create with Microsoft SharePoint give you a controlled access corporate portal through which users can store, backup, or archive document files; and simplify work flow applications.
  • For corporate email server programs we setup with Microsoft Exchange, which can be custom configured and controlled by predetermined protocols and includes features such as security encryption, monitoring, and protective measures for client communications.


Technical Support

  • Here, we provide Level 1 and Level 2 troubleshooting and diagnostic or analytical services for client server infrastructure, networks, and software and hardware problems for workstations.
  • Platforms that NCS can support include Microsoft Windows Server, Windows Desktop OS, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Linux-based network management platforms, and other applications which are typically built onsite for clients.
  • NCS also works with client human resource departments in managing IT by setting up new work and phone stations for new employees. NCS technical support teams adeptly oversee the receipt, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and end-of-life disposal for teleconference equipment and phone networks.
  • For warehouse and factory production floor tools, our personnel provide support for the maintenance, servicing, and repair of radio frequency and bar code scanners, PCs, special printers, and wizard wands used for high volume receiving, inventory control, accounting, and distribution of product items. We also ensure that your floor computer systems are downtime free.
  • All NCS technical support services can be customized to be supplied on an as-needed basis or as 24/7 support.


Database Administration

  • Client server performance is optimized with NCS database administrators overseeing configuration tuning and maintenance. Through Data Housekeeping our clients can generate custom reports, calculations, and consolidate complex research data; control storage periods; and configure the automated archival storage and purging of historical data.
  • For your data warehousing needs, NCS administrators facilitate access and traffic flow of simultaneous programs used enterprise-wide by concurrent users. The administrators also manage the high volume data storage, updating, and report retrieval in real time.